I’m a sucker for “productivity porn.” Whether it’s looking at beautifully structured notes, pawing through articles on time management, or tweaking my own planner usage, I definitely spend more time looking at ways to do things than I do actually doing things. It is a strange affliction, and one that is made abundantly clear by the number of cheesy business help books I read.

I grabbed Working Well with Others by Ross McCammon completely on impulse. It was out on the featured shelf of the library and was on its way home with me before I even read the synopsis. I thought it was going to be yet another business book telling me common sense things under the newest guise of originality, but it wasn’t. It was a super hilarious part-memoir, part-self-help book that I didn’t realize I needed.

image from LibraryThing.com

McCammon does an excellent job of giving sound advice without actually sounding like he’s giving advice. All of his tips are rooted in personal experience, usually with a funny story to illustrate either their implementation, or the lack thereof. It is endlessly charming, and I actually laughed out loud a few times while reading. And the advice is sound —  it just lacks the filter of over-importance that most business books tend to place over the advice they offer.

Working Well with Others is a great read that I would recommend to absolutely anyone in the business world.

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