To Be or Not to Be: The Interactive Shakespeare Experience You’ve Been Waiting For

If you’ve ever wanted a Shakespearian choose-your-own-adventure game, then look  no further than To Be or Not to Be. TBoNtB is a visual novel in which you get to take control of the story of Hamlet. You can stick to Shakespeare’s story, or forge your own path as one of the story’s main characters.

Playing as Ophelia is particularly fun. Screenshot from Steam store page.

The entire experience is quite tongue-in-cheek and filled with jokes and puns. It’s no serious homage to Shakespeare and his work, but rather a goofy tribute to a timeless classic. I found myself laughing out loud more than once, and played through the story a few times before putting it down. I didn’t get all of the endings, but I certainly got all the ones I wanted.

TBoNtB offers some replayability through virtue of its choice system, but the story does start to get a little stale after a while. After all, the story of Hamlet is one we’ve already heard multiple times, and playing through it has a novelty that wears off somewhat quickly. But it’s fun, and if you can get it on sale, I’d definitely recommend it.

Always hot stuff! Screenshot from Steam store page.

I would particularly recommend To Be or Not to Be for fans of Monster Loves You!, which has a similar feel and play style.


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