I can’t remember how it got there, but Transhuman has been on my TBR list for little while now. And in a rather strange turn of events, I went to the library and only got things from my TBR list. Crazy, I know.

Transhuman was a blazing fast read that was great fun and thought-provoking. It follows the story of a scientist who kidnaps his granddaughter in order to treat her terminal brain cancer with his experimental gene research. The whole thing took absolutely no time at all to read, because Bova sucks you in and keeps you there. There’s just the right amount of action to keep the pages turning without starting to feel forced, and the chapters are so short, you’ll start saying “just one more” and keep doing so for hours.

I would recommend Transhuman to anyone interested in medical research, heists, and/or action novels in general. It stays fun, while forcing you to confront the possibilities of experimental research and its implications for life in general.

This review has been cross-posted to my LibraryThing account.

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