Love for Monster Loves You!

Monster Loves You! is a charming, choose-your-own-adventure game in which you play as a monster trying your best to find your place in the world. By playing through short, self-contained scenarios, you define your traits and earn the respect (or not) of your peers.

Monster Loves You! is best enjoyed in small, frequent chunks. The text-based scenarios that make up the game are all self-contained and very short, and each full-game playthrough takes less than an hour. This allows the player to try out lots of different strategies and make a wide variety of choices in a short amount of time, upping the replay value of the game immensely. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been dipping into Monster Loves You! whenever I need a hit of something cute, and I’ve gotten pretty different results each time.

screenshot from Monster Loves You! store page on Steam

If you’re a fan of short, charming games, go ahead and pick up Monster Loves You!. It’s lots of fun and easy to come back to whenever you just need to get away from everything for a little bit.


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