Wicked Plants: A Camper’s Nightmare

TL;DR Synopsis

Plants are actually kind of scary. Don’t touch stuff if you’re unfamiliar with it.

TL;DR Review

Cool stuff, but don’t read before a camping trip.


I’ve said it before here on ChronHob and I’ll say it again, I freaking love library displays. Wicked Plants came into my life the same way many books have made their way to my shelf lately — a librarian stuck it in a display. I never would have picked this book up otherwise, and I would have missed out.

Wicked Plants is a very short book, made even shorter by the amount of lovely sketches throughout the pages. But its size is deceptive, because it’s chock-full of information. I like plants and I’m curious about them, but I’ve got nothing on Amy Stewart. She offers more information on a small subsection of flora than I even knew there was to be curious about.

This did backfire just a little, since I read Wicked Plants right before a camping trip. Don’t do that. Even though I’m certain most of the plants that I was around were harmless, I was scared to brush against anything. Sometimes, more information isn’t a good thing!

Grab Wicked Plants if you’re into botany, poisons, nature sketches, or all of the above!



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