The Speechwriter: A Very Short Review

TL;DR Synopsis

Protagonist starts working as a political speechwriter for a small-town governor. Governor is demanding an awful to work for, then screws up everyone’s careers with a sex scandal.

TL;DR Review

Meh. Entertaining story, but not a lot of meat.


As I am so often wont to do, I picked this up after browsing through my library’s “New Arrivals” section. I didn’t know anything about it, but hey, why not?

While I don’t regret reading The Speechwriter, I’m not thrilled I picked it up. It’s fine. It’s entertaining. But it didn’t stick with me. I can’t recall a single character’s name while writing this, even though I finished reading the book recently. It didn’t make me think about politics in any significant way, since it’s not really a book about politics. Instead, it’s a memoir of one writer’s time working for a really shitty boss who happened to be a politician.

I’m not condemning the book, but I’m not exactly recommending it either. Grab it if you’re looking for something to read, but skip it if you’re searching for a book that’s going to make you think.



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