Rivers of London

TL;DR Synopsis

A London police officer starts investigating a crime with supernatural origins and learns magic.

TL;DR Review

Wheeeeeeee! So fun! But also kind of gross. But mostly fun!

Read It If:

  • you like supernatural stuff
  • you think The X-Files meets Columbo meets The Dresden Files sounds pretty cool
  • police procedurals get you hyped

Skip It If:

  • you can’t handle graphic descriptions of body horror (and aren’t willing to skim those bits)
  • you like your mysteries magic-free, thank you


A coworker of mine let me borrow this after he heard me talking about my recent love affair with The X-Files. He’s semi-familiar with my reading habits and thought I would enjoy Rivers of London.

He was right. RoL is a fun read that kept me totally glued to the page. I loved the supernatural elements mixed in with the police procedural and Aaronovitch’s ability to keep everything grounded in believability while playing around in a completely fantastic world. It was a rollicking good time despite the dark subject matter and rather large body count.


The only thing I didn’t really like was the gore. It’s not super-prevalent throughout the story, but there are some bits that made me feel a little sick to my stomach to read. But that’s just me, and honestly, making me feel ill speaks to NAME’s ability to paint a picture with his words.

Give Rivers of London a shot, and be prepared to want more of the series!


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