The Knowledgeable Knitter: Review

TL;DR Synopsis

Want to knit something that turns out perfect? Here’s how.

TL;DR Review

Lots of great information, though a bit overwhelming.

Read It If:

  • you’ve been knitting for a bit and want to expand your knowledge
  • you want your projects to turn out perfectly

Skip It If:

  • you’re brand-new to knitting and likely to be intimidated by a lot of information
  • you don’t really care about the perfection of a finished project and just want to knit


The Knowledgeable Knitter was a Christmas gift to myself this past holiday season, which then sat in my “to-read” pile until fairly recently. I was so excited to get it, because I’d been eyeing it for ages, then got distracted by other things. You know how it is.

Now that I finally dug into it, I’m not 100% sure how I feel about it. There’s no doubt that it’s filled with great information, and tons of it, but it turns out that’s not what I wanted. I found it a bit overwhelming. I’m a pretty fearless knitter and I’m not afraid of messing up (you can always redo it), but I felt rather intimidated when I started digging into this one.

Radcliffe knows so much about what goes into a knitting project. And she’s great at explaining things. It’s just more than I really care to get into. I’m not a knitwear designer and usually only make basic modifications to patterns, so getting into the extensive technical details of knitting isn’t something I necessarily need. And not even something I necessarily want. I like understanding how and why things work, but reading this book, I was hit with a lot of guilt. She was talking about things I’d never even considered. Did that make me a bad knitter? Should I be thinking about these things? Am I wrong about everything? Aaaaaaah!

Granted, this may just be me. Normal people can probably read this and not get some sort of crafting complex. So, if you are super-duper into knitting and want to truly perfect your pieces, definitely grab hold of this book. You’ll love it.



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