Atelier Rorona: Super Adorable Crafting Extravaganza

TL;DR Synopsis

Rorona is an apprentice alchemist who must save her master’s shop by completing challenges and crafting items for the local government.

TL;DR Review

Super cute and well-designed. Great for those who like crafting.

Play It If You:

  • love crafting systems
  • enjoy gathering materials for crafting
  • need something adorable in your life

Skip It If You:

  • are far too sensitive about your carefully-cultivated image to play an overtly “girly” game
  • hate crafting
  • want an engaging plot
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Full disclaimer: I didn’t get very far into this game. Logan (my husband) recently got back into Minecraft, and I have joined him. You know how it is.

Atelier Rororna is a charming game that I started when I needed some cheering up. I asked Logan what I should play, since I was feeling rather sad, and he immediately suggested this one. He played it a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, and had been trying to get me to put down my other games and try it out for a while.

Everything about the game works well. The characters are charming, the setting is lovely, and the crafting system is excellent. Which is good, because crafting is all there is to this game. The combat is lackluster and grindy, and the gathering is, well, gathering, but the crafting is where the game shines. Everything just works. The recipes are clear and doable, as are the tasks you’re assigned to complete within a certain time frame.

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There’s not much of a plot and extremely little in the way of engaging combat, but that’s ok. AR isn’t trying to be combat- or plot-driven. It’s all about that crafting system, and it doesn’t try to pretend otherwise. I highly recommend the game if you love in-game crafting, and don’t if you don’t. It’s that simple.


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