The Noonday Demon: Review

TL;DR Synopsis

Depression is pretty common and totally awful for a whole slew of reasons.

TL;DR Review

Uncomfortably relateable, but with comforting amounts of information pulled from a variety of sources and filtered through many different lenses.


If you’ve ever wondered how depression affects X, chances are, it’s covered in this book. But you could probably guess that from the sheer size of the thing. There’s a lot of info between the covers of Noonday Demon, but we all know that quantity doesn’t necessarily equal quality. Well, don’t worry. The information provided is thoroughly sourced, highly relevant, and presented clearly and understandably.

Despite the amount of information provided and the potentially devastating subject, I never felt confused or overwhelmed. NAME excels at presenting all of his information clearly and weaving others’ opinions with his own words in such a way that never leaves the reader confused. And I never felt crushed by the weight of the topic, even while experiencing a mild depressive episode myself. (Because I chose to read this in the middle of winter — my hardest season — like a dummy.)

If you suffer from depression, read this book. If you have a loved one in your life who suffers from depression, read this book. If you are at all interested in the psychology of or global impact of depression, read this book. It is a real treasure.



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