Cyberphobia: A Review

TL;DR Synopsis

Technology is great, but is only as safe as its users make it. And we kind of suck at that.


     I consider myself decently handy with computers. Honestly, I have an above-average knowledge of the things and what makes them tick, but don’t give myself enough credit because so many of my friends are freakin’ computer experts. Even with my knowledge of best safety practices and a full understanding of what happens when you don’t follow best safety practices, I’m sometimes lax in that area.
     But Cyberphobia helped change that. Lucas didn’t cover a ton of new ground for me, but he did explain things in a way that made me feel motivated to change my habits for the better. He uses an extended analogy throughout the book comparing cyber-security to road safety that stuck with me and I think everyone should live by.
     In a nutshell, his premise is this: Like road safety is up to the people who are using the road, not just with the engineers who designed it, cyber-security is the responsibility of all technology users, not just the experts in the industry. And this isn’t too much to ask, because a lot of cyber-security can be handled by a number of common-sense best practices that anyone can implement, but hardly anyone does.

Read It If

You use any technology and know you could be doing so in a more secure manner.

Skip It If

You’re a computer expert who has already created a secure system or wants an explanation more in-depth or technical than something the everyday user would need or understand.
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